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Why I'm Running



The Board of Commissioners sets direction and formulates policies for the county government, adopts the budget, authorizes expenditures, and approves or rejects specific actions, such as the rezoning of private property.


While participating in Leadership Gwinnett, I experienced firsthand how county government impacts daily life. Whether it is as mundane as trash collection, or as serious as fire and police protection, we rely on local government for many important services.  Having founded a business and raised a family here in Gwinnett over the last three decades, I have watched Gwinnett vote in leadership which is now 100% Democrat. At their annual retreat, this new board decided to redefine the core values of Gwinnett to: Equity, Inclusivity, Integrity, Accountability, and Innovation.

I am stepping forward because I believe in the resilience of Gwinnettians. Coming out of this pandemic, it seems our primary focus is on homelessness and the indigent. While we cannot ignore those in distress, I believe we should be concentrating on the thousands of small business owners who provide the vast majority of jobs in Gwinnett.  

As we concentrate on implementing the values we profess, it must be done in a way which represents all citizens of our county. Having no one at the table with an opposing view will lead to overcorrection. Injustices must be addressed equitably without overcompensating by creating programs for problems that don’t exist.



Championing Equal Opportunity

I believe in equal opportunity, not equal outcome. That is what creates grit and resilience and will help ensure the future success of Gwinnett. The partisanship displayed during conversations about expanding commissioner districts and their multiple comparisons to Los Angeles concern me to their long-term vision.

Additionally, what is presented as no tax hike for 2022, is actually a tax hike. Our property values are skyrocketing. While that seems great on the surface, it means higher taxes as soon as our homes and businesses are reassessed. This windfall of funds does not need to be spent foolishly; a frugal eye must always be present when debating contracts and their purpose. Our current $2.07 billion budget is nearly a 12% increase since 2020.


I have always believed government should be there in emergencies, but then get out of the way as soon as possible and encourage businesses, private organizations, and non-profits to take ownership of their own community. Local government should conduct its business while being as lean as possible, balancing with smart investments towards the future.

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