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Priorities with Purpose



My family and I have both watched and participated in Gwinnett’s growth over the last 35 years. Leaders who have come before us have led Gwinnett with vision and purpose, creating the foundation for what is now the most diverse county in Georgia and becoming the most populous. 


Our standard of living is envied throughout the country, with nationally recognized schools and parks, growing job opportunities, thriving arts programs and economically viable housing. We must not take these blessings for granted.

I love hearing fellow citizen’s stories, both those who have been here for generations and those who have immigrated from all parts of the world. Gwinnett County is filled with countless stories of grit and resilience while pursuing the American dream. Just like my arrival in 1985, I believe it is our duty to welcome newcomers who work hard, live honestly, embrace the community, and strive to grow opportunities for themselves and others. Gwinnett is a melting pot, and our diversity now positively defines us as a community. We need to leverage this diversity in such a way as to make us a regional and national leader where business and communities thrive.


Just like in business, where serving employees and customers is paramount, listening to fellow residents and meeting the needs of the community will ensure this exemplary Gwinnett standard continues to grow. I am asking for your vote!



Key Areas of Focus

  • Fiscal responsibility coupled with wise investments for the future

  • Unparalleled Police, Fire, and Public Safety

  • Small Business, Family and Youth Advocacy

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