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Matthew Holtkamp Announces Candidacy

Matthew Holtkamp Brings Entrepreneurial Spirit and Servant Leadership to Gwinnett County Commission Race

Local Business Owner Matthew Holtkamp is pleased to announce his candidacy for District 4 Gwinnett County Commissioner. As a proud Gwinnettian for over 35 years, Matthew is a successful entrepreneur and community leader seeking to provide balanced, conservative leadership to help Gwinnett grow responsibly.

As a newcomer to Gwinnett County in 1985, Matthew was awestruck by the bold and confident statements emblazoned on the towers near I-85: “Gwinnett is Great” and “Success Lives Here.” Since making Gwinnett his home 37 years ago, he has steadily increased his involvement in civic organizations, the business community and local non-profits.

“Just like my arrival many years ago, I believe it is our duty to welcome newcomers who work hard, live honestly, contribute to the community, and strive to grow opportunities for themselves and others,” said Matthew. “Gwinnett is a melting pot, and our diversity now positively defines us as a community. We need to leverage this diversity in such a way as to make us a regional and national leader where business and communities thrive.”

By bringing balanced, conservative leadership and a strong business acumen to the Gwinnett County Commission, Matthew will offer effective governance with a focus on unparalleled public safety, sensible fiscal planning, efficient use of technology and smart traffic solutions.

“I have always believed government should be there in emergencies, but then get out of the way as soon as possible and encourage businesses, private organizations, and non-profits to take ownership of their own community,” said Matthew. “Local government should conduct its business while being as lean as possible; balanced with smart investments towards the future.”

To get involved in the campaign and help bring balance to Gwinnett, please support our campaign.


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